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I'm a reader, a writer and a mathematics teacher. I'm Dutch, and write my stories in Dutch, but I'll do this blog in english as the things I encounter when writing are probably not specific to my language.
I'm planning to write each week about the previous week and about my plans for the next.

I'll write some reviews if I feel like it.

Voor Nederlandse boeken zal ik reviews Nederlandstalig schrijven.

It becomes harder and harder to come up with good subjects to blog about. So I'm thinking of letting this blog go (for awhile).
I have another blog on a dutch site: (!/likaiar#offset_0 for anyone who wonders) and having two of them is slightly weird... The dutch one is more important to me as I'm dutch and I write in dutch. If ever I'll publish something few people here would be able to read it. So I focus on the other one.


This week started of slow. I managed to type my short story by wendsday and some great people are going to proofread it.
It still needs a lot of work. It's way to short and a lot of things are unclear. So I've got my work cut out for me.


Yesterday was the bookpresentation of a friend of mine, which was a very interesting event. I met nice new people and learned what it was like. Well, kinda, as it would probably be different for my friend.


Oh well, i'm gonna keep it at that, I'm way to tired to write something more substantial

I did something new this week. I put a project on hold.

Moslty I just forget about a project, but this one I had to put on hold since I have other priorities. And that was a very interesting thing to do.
I fixed all the scene statuses and their descriptions. I hope that in about half a year I can get back to it and continue.


Otherwise I didn't do a lot this week... studies start next one, so let's see how that goes.

Hey all!


Little happened this week, but little is also worth talking about.
I reduced my daily writing goal to 600 words, which makes it easier to reach. Unfortunately I won't be finishing the 1st draft before the end of august, and then I'll have to give it a break. I need to finish the 1st draft of a short story too so I can hand in a revised version for a contest at the end of octobre. Furhtermore I have to plot my nano story for this year.
My current project will have to wait until december. Maybe it's useful to give myself a break on this one, so I can get fresh ideas.


I finished 'the blade itself' and am now reading the second book f the 1st law series.
Reading on an e-reader is pretty convenient, and I don't regret buying it :)


Have a great weekend!

Another week has passed. Apparantly I chose to read 'the blade itself' (and the rest of the 1st law series) before going back to my newest paperbacks. An e-reader reads great actually, because of the e-ink technology.
The file has been buggy though, so I hope it keeps working. It's a bit annoying if I buy a book from the Kobo store to read on a Kobo e-reader that it's buggy. Could it be the DRM? Even though that's kinda silly between kobo shop en kobo reader...


This brings me to the question of DRM.  I've really started to wonder what digital rights management actually does. It's supposed to keep people from copying and pirating it, but does that really work? I honestly don't believe there's a single DRM protected book out there that isn't on piratebay. If so, the only thing DRM does is bother the people that actually paid for it - and that can hardly be the point of it.


I have done some writing this week, though not as much as I wanted. Hope to get some more done this week.

Time for a new blogposts. It's been three weeks since my last one, on account of me being away for a week. A lot has happened since.
I started reading a huge book some two weeks ago. Since I figured that it would be better to take one book to camp then multiple books. Publishers really shouldn't do that, publish three books in one, way to heavy.


In other news, I bought an e-reader, which could have hundreds of books inside and not get (much) heavier. Now I have to decide wether I'll use that for my new book, of pick something from the (new) pile of unread books I have. So yeah, will I read the blade itself or the palace job - dillema's everywhere.


For my writing I'm currently working on two projects. One is the novel project I've been working on for awhile now, the other is a short story for a contest (Fantastels - 2014). Both are making great progress.
I've found this site called HabitRPG, that makes your life and goals into an RPG. Now if I don't finish my writing goals each day it'll give me damage... so that's great incentive.

Another week has passed, so it's time for a new blog. In the Netherlands it's been horribly warm this week. It's really terrible for productivity...

I've told myself to write at least 500 words a day, and that does wonders for productivity. I'm affraid it won't be enough if I want the novel to be finished by september, so I'll up it to 750. (Probably won't be enough either, but I need to build up.)
I'll let you know how that turns out.


Some time ago I started with 'Prince of Thorns' but haven't gotten the motivation to return to reading it yet - the beginning set me off real bad, and I haven't been convinced that it's worth continuing yet...


I don't know when I'll blog again, as I've some vacation comming up.

Suddenly, it's sunday evening and I haven't written a blog yet. It's not easy to figure out what to talk about. I have some things to say about 'Prince of Thorns' though I still haven't decided if I'm going to finish it.
I guess I still have to find my inspiration.

This week I had a lot more time to do writing stuff,
But let's start with something else. Let's talk about HabitRPG.


Now, is a site that allows you to live your life as an RPG, which is awesome! Go check it out.
In any case, I've given myself the daily task to read half an hour a day and to write at least the same time. I hope this gets my creative juices flowing.


Last Tuesday I submitted a story to a contest. It'll take forever for the results, so more on that much much later.


I've read the Cuckoo's calling and I really enjoyed it. I've also read the 4th book in the HTTYD series. Next up will be 'Prince of Thorns' by Mark Lawrence.


so, that's a quick update, but I'm clearly still recovering from being way to busy or my own good, so I'm not really inspired to type these things...


Have a great weekend,

Finally some room to breath

Not the first blogpost with this title, but true none the less.

I finally submitted my last assignment for this year and am nearly finished. So now I have some time to write again. I haven't done much, since I needed to rest and to clear my head.

I've done some reading though.
I read a few books and am currently reading 'The Cuckoo's Calling'.


My story should be finished on monday and after that I'll be continuing my novel project. I've planned to finish the 1st draft this summer, so I have a lot of work to do!


Have a great weekend!

no blog again

hoping more for next week


Nope, still stressed out of my head...

cu next week

Deadlines are hell

Especially if they're of courses you're not that great with... *sigh*
So, no, I didn't do anything noteworthy this week. Xcept for deciding that after I finished editing, I will return to that story that's giving me problems. If I start running, I'll never stop...

Have a great weekend

something missing?

Another week has passed and yet again I've done little about that novel project of mine. Maybe I'll have to let it rest a little while, maybe I need some time away from it in order to motivate me for it again.
The project seems to be lacking something. I've got the plot more or less sketched until the end, but I don't like it. Well, I do, but it's... hard to explain.
And this is kind of my state of mind the past weeks about this, so unless I can find something soon, something that would fit the story and fix it I'll have to put it aside for awhile.
Anyone else have this problem and know what to do with it?


In any case, next week will I will edit my contest story. I put up a deadline for myself this weekend, but it seems I won't be making that. With the cold and two homework deadlines due on Monday and Tuesday I'm a little short on time. So I'll get to it after the deadlines. When I'm done editing I'll take another look at my novel project to decide whether to continue now or put it away and continue later.


Have a great weekend and week!

writing is hard

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I'm at a part in my story where I don't know how to proceed. I know where I want to go, but I have no clue how to get there. And it's blocking me.
I'm thinking about making a post about all the possible trouble a writer can have writing their stuff... Any ideas what possible problems I can discuss and possible solutions?


I'll keep this blog short, as I have a lot to do.
Please reblog this so I can have many suggestions for a 'writing problem post'.
Have a great weekend,

This week has been slow again, since I've gotten the cold. I'm more or less over it by now, but it's made me unable to think last week. In stead of writing or editing (or doing my homework) I've been watching the second season of 'Arrow'. Man, I hate cliffhangers :( oh well...


I haven't been working on my second short story this week and that's not only because of the cold I've had. The inspiration for it seemed to be lacking, or - if I'm honest - the motivation has been lacking. I know more or less where I'm going, but I've gone the wrong way towards it by now. I'll probably get new motivation for it in some time and I'll write it then. I have become aware that this story will take more then 1500 words to finish, so I need something new if I still want to participate in that one contest that has a 1500 word maximum. (Is that even doable? XD )

In stead of that short story I've been mostly plotting a longer project. Referring back to my post on the 26th of april, this would be the one which I'm planning to be one book - correction: I was planning to let it be one book. But now the ideas for a sequel have already come up in my head - damn those plot bunnies...


The short story I have written somewhat before has been proofread by a friend of mine. He had very useful advice that I can surely use. I was planning to edit it this weekend, but the cold has left be a bit energyless, so I doubt I'll do something about it today.


I reread 'Among Thieves' this week, as I've ordered the second part. Since I finished it the day before yesterday and the sequel hasn't arrived yet I started reading 'Zij' by Merel Rombout. It's pretty large so I wonder when I'll finish. Well, I'll let you know.


I'm planning to do some editing for my page here on booklikes. I allready changed my text a bit, though only temporary till I can come up with something better and more poetic :) - It's come to my attention that I've never mentioned the fact that I write in Dutch, so I added that information to my profile.


Have a nice weekend, all of you!

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