This week has been slow again, since I've gotten the cold. I'm more or less over it by now, but it's made me unable to think last week. In stead of writing or editing (or doing my homework) I've been watching the second season of 'Arrow'. Man, I hate cliffhangers :( oh well...


I haven't been working on my second short story this week and that's not only because of the cold I've had. The inspiration for it seemed to be lacking, or - if I'm honest - the motivation has been lacking. I know more or less where I'm going, but I've gone the wrong way towards it by now. I'll probably get new motivation for it in some time and I'll write it then. I have become aware that this story will take more then 1500 words to finish, so I need something new if I still want to participate in that one contest that has a 1500 word maximum. (Is that even doable? XD )

In stead of that short story I've been mostly plotting a longer project. Referring back to my post on the 26th of april, this would be the one which I'm planning to be one book - correction: I was planning to let it be one book. But now the ideas for a sequel have already come up in my head - damn those plot bunnies...


The short story I have written somewhat before has been proofread by a friend of mine. He had very useful advice that I can surely use. I was planning to edit it this weekend, but the cold has left be a bit energyless, so I doubt I'll do something about it today.


I reread 'Among Thieves' this week, as I've ordered the second part. Since I finished it the day before yesterday and the sequel hasn't arrived yet I started reading 'Zij' by Merel Rombout. It's pretty large so I wonder when I'll finish. Well, I'll let you know.


I'm planning to do some editing for my page here on booklikes. I allready changed my text a bit, though only temporary till I can come up with something better and more poetic :) - It's come to my attention that I've never mentioned the fact that I write in Dutch, so I added that information to my profile.


Have a nice weekend, all of you!