something missing?

Another week has passed and yet again I've done little about that novel project of mine. Maybe I'll have to let it rest a little while, maybe I need some time away from it in order to motivate me for it again.
The project seems to be lacking something. I've got the plot more or less sketched until the end, but I don't like it. Well, I do, but it's... hard to explain.
And this is kind of my state of mind the past weeks about this, so unless I can find something soon, something that would fit the story and fix it I'll have to put it aside for awhile.
Anyone else have this problem and know what to do with it?


In any case, next week will I will edit my contest story. I put up a deadline for myself this weekend, but it seems I won't be making that. With the cold and two homework deadlines due on Monday and Tuesday I'm a little short on time. So I'll get to it after the deadlines. When I'm done editing I'll take another look at my novel project to decide whether to continue now or put it away and continue later.


Have a great weekend and week!