This week I had a lot more time to do writing stuff,
But let's start with something else. Let's talk about HabitRPG.


Now, is a site that allows you to live your life as an RPG, which is awesome! Go check it out.
In any case, I've given myself the daily task to read half an hour a day and to write at least the same time. I hope this gets my creative juices flowing.


Last Tuesday I submitted a story to a contest. It'll take forever for the results, so more on that much much later.


I've read the Cuckoo's calling and I really enjoyed it. I've also read the 4th book in the HTTYD series. Next up will be 'Prince of Thorns' by Mark Lawrence.


so, that's a quick update, but I'm clearly still recovering from being way to busy or my own good, so I'm not really inspired to type these things...


Have a great weekend,