Time for a new blogposts. It's been three weeks since my last one, on account of me being away for a week. A lot has happened since.
I started reading a huge book some two weeks ago. Since I figured that it would be better to take one book to camp then multiple books. Publishers really shouldn't do that, publish three books in one, way to heavy.


In other news, I bought an e-reader, which could have hundreds of books inside and not get (much) heavier. Now I have to decide wether I'll use that for my new book, of pick something from the (new) pile of unread books I have. So yeah, will I read the blade itself or the palace job - dillema's everywhere.


For my writing I'm currently working on two projects. One is the novel project I've been working on for awhile now, the other is a short story for a contest (Fantastels - 2014). Both are making great progress.
I've found this site called HabitRPG, that makes your life and goals into an RPG. Now if I don't finish my writing goals each day it'll give me damage... so that's great incentive.