Another week has passed. Apparantly I chose to read 'the blade itself' (and the rest of the 1st law series) before going back to my newest paperbacks. An e-reader reads great actually, because of the e-ink technology.
The file has been buggy though, so I hope it keeps working. It's a bit annoying if I buy a book from the Kobo store to read on a Kobo e-reader that it's buggy. Could it be the DRM? Even though that's kinda silly between kobo shop en kobo reader...


This brings me to the question of DRM.  I've really started to wonder what digital rights management actually does. It's supposed to keep people from copying and pirating it, but does that really work? I honestly don't believe there's a single DRM protected book out there that isn't on piratebay. If so, the only thing DRM does is bother the people that actually paid for it - and that can hardly be the point of it.


I have done some writing this week, though not as much as I wanted. Hope to get some more done this week.