It becomes harder and harder to come up with good subjects to blog about. So I'm thinking of letting this blog go (for awhile).
I have another blog on a dutch site: (!/likaiar#offset_0 for anyone who wonders) and having two of them is slightly weird... The dutch one is more important to me as I'm dutch and I write in dutch. If ever I'll publish something few people here would be able to read it. So I focus on the other one.


This week started of slow. I managed to type my short story by wendsday and some great people are going to proofread it.
It still needs a lot of work. It's way to short and a lot of things are unclear. So I've got my work cut out for me.


Yesterday was the bookpresentation of a friend of mine, which was a very interesting event. I met nice new people and learned what it was like. Well, kinda, as it would probably be different for my friend.


Oh well, i'm gonna keep it at that, I'm way to tired to write something more substantial